Information from Bulletins 2&3

Czech Radio Club (CRC) — Czech ARDF Association.

August 17th–23rd, 2015.

Mariánské Lázně or Marienbad, a spa town in the Karlovy Vary region of the Czech Republic.
Event center:
Hotel Krakonoš***
Mariánské Lázně 660,
353 01 Mariánské Lázně,
Czech Republic
In the event center and within walking distance (up to 1.5 km) — Hotel Krakonoš (Mariánské Lázně 660, 353 01 Mariánské Lázně), Hotel Goethe (50 beds), Hotel Zlatý Zámek and Hostel Zlatý Zámek (Klíčova 167/4, 353 01 Mariánské Lázně) and Hotel Goethe (Závišín 3, 353 01 Mariánské Lázně). Transportation between hotels and other places of interest will be arranged.
The food provided will be the same at all the hotels and hostel. Teams are accommodated in the facilities according to their preferences stated in the entry form and according to the order in which they sent their entry form. Each team will receive the information for arrival and their stay in the first half of August.
Competition rules:
IARU Region 1 Rules for Championships in Amateur Radio Direction Finding (Part A and Part B), version 2015, apply.
International Jury:
— Kai Pastor, DG0YT (DARC, Germany) — chairman,
— PA Nordwaeger, SM0BGU (SSA, Sweden) — member,
— Jacek Czerwinski, SP2LQC (PZK, Poland) — member,
— Ole Garpestad, LA2RR (NRRL, Norway) — member,
— Roussko Roussev, LZ1RT (BFRA, Bulgaria) — member,
— Igor Lazarev, US0VA (UARL, Ukraine) — member,
— Miklos Venczel, HA0LZ (MRASz, Hungary) — member,
— Remigijus Masilionis, LY1RM (LRMD, Lithuania) — member,
— Jiří Pavlů, OK1CHE (CRC, Czech Republic) — siting referee,
— Miroslav Vlach, OK1UMY (Czech Republic) — event and technical director,
— Tereza Skládanková (Czech Republic) — secretary of the Jury.
Assistants to siting referee:
Martin Baier (classics), Miroslav Vlach (sprint), Jan Michalec (foxoring).
Terrain characteristics, clothing, weather:
There is alternating continuous and dense forest which is interwoven with a dense network of paths of varying quality. Classics—moderately rugged at an altitude 540–760 m with a number of stones and rocks; Foxoring—hilly at an altitude 540–900 m partly stones and rocks; Sprint—flat. Temperatures in August are typically 20–25 °C, thunderstorms should be expected in this time of the year. There is no restriction on the type of footwear or clothing, however, covering elbows and knees is highly recommended. 
Ticks (castor bean tick — Ixodes ricinus) are frequently found in the event area.Giant hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum, see on the right) is also widely spread around the area (but not within the championship maps) — its sap can cause phytophotodermatitis (severe skin inflammations) when the afflicted skin is exposed to sunlight (or UV).
Medals and diplomas.
Maps and Locations:

Date: Tuesday, August 18th, 2015.
Map: 1:10 000, size A3, contour interval 5 m, IOF, standards, spring 2015.
Map can be folded to 35×25 cm and will be protected against moisture.
Finish: Village of Javořina.

Date: Wednesday, August 19th, 2015.
Map: 1:5 000, size A4, contour interval 2 m, IOF standards, spring 2015.
Map can be folded to 25×20 cm.
Finish: Natural swimming pool (Forest lake “Lido”) of Mariánské Lázně.

C L A S S I C S ( B O T H )

Date: Thursday, August 20th, 2015.
Map: 1:15 000, size A4, contour interval 5 m, ISOM IOF standards, spring 2015.
Map can be folded to 25×21 cm.
Finish: Besides the village of Studánka.

Date: Saturday, August 22nd, 2015.
Map: 1:15 000, size A3, contour interval 5 m, IOF standards, spring 2015.
Map can be folded to 30×25 cm.
Finish: The village of Maršovy Chody.

Approximate area of the map and location of the finish is depicted below.

classics foxoring sprint
Technical parameters of the equipment:
— 3.5 MHz band, standard orange and white triangle,
— 144 MHz band, standard orange and white triangle with a blue vertical stripe.
Registering device:
The electronic registering system SPORTident will be used in the Championship. The teams will indicate the ID of the SI card of each competitor in the registration form. If the competitor does not have a SI card, put rent in place of the ID and he/she will be provided with one for the competitions.
144 MHz transmitters:
— RF power 1 W ERP,
— frequency: Tx 1–5: MOE–MO5 144.50 MHz, finish beacon: MO 144.85 MHz,
— antenna: crossed dipoles 2.5 m above the ground level.
3.5 MHz transmitters:
— RF power 3 W,
— frequency: Tx 1–5: MOE–MO5 3.55 MHz, finish beacon: MO 3.60 MHz,
— antenna: 8 m vertical + 8 m single radial counterpoise.
3.5 MHz transmitters for foxoring (continuous)
— RF power: 10 mW, beacon: 1 W
— antenna: field transmitters 30 cm vertical + no counterpoise,
beacon: 8m vertical + 8 m single radial counterpoise,
— frequency: Tx 1, 2, 1F, 2F: MOE, MOI 3.52 MHz, Tx 3, 4, 3F, 4F: MOS, MOH 3.55 MHz, Tx 5, 5F: MO5 3.57 MHz, finish beacon: MO 3.60 MHz,
— Tx 1–5, finish beacon: keying speed 50 PARIS, Tx 1F–5F: keying speed 70 PARIS.
3.5 MHz transmitters for sprint (1 minute cycle — 12 sec:48 sec)
— RF power: 1 W,
— antenna: 8m vertical + 8 m single radial counterpoise,
— frequency: Tx 1–5: MOE–MO5 (keying speed 50 PARIS) 3.52 MHz, spectators control : S (keying speed 50 PARIS) 3.55 MHz, Tx 1F–5F: MOE–MO5 (keying speed 70 PARIS) 3.57 MHz, finish beacon: MO (keying speed 50 PARIS) 3.60 MHz.
(Required 30 kHz channel spacing is sometimes reduced in order to comply with the national regulations and the Rules.)
Note on Sprint:
Normally, you would not need to read this paragraph — as long as you have found all the transmitters on both loops in a proper order. What follows is a description of a procedure that would be applied to non-standard cases. You can imagine that the sprint consists of four separate pieces (between start and finish):
(a) a loop with slow transmitters (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), searched in any order,
(b) a spectator control (S),
(c) a loop with fast transmitters (1F, 2F, 3F, 4F, 5F), searched in any order,
(d) a beacon (B).
Any of them could be skipped (with different consequences for the results), however, they must be found in the proper order (i.e., a d). A wrong transmitter in any loop is just ignored. Finally, the best possible selection of transmitters for the competitor is taken into account.
Look for examples of punching and results (let's say, this category omits 5 and 5F):
o start, 1, 2, 3, 4, S, 1F, 2F, 3F, 4F, B, finish
–> correct, 10 Tx,
o start, 1, 2, S, 2F, 3, 4, S, 1F, 2F, 3, S, 3F, 4F, B, finish
–> 10 Tx,
o start, 1, 2, S, 2F, 3, 4, 1F, 2F, 3, S, 3F, 4F, B, finish
start, 1, 2, S, 2F, 3, 4, 1F, 2F, 3, S, 3F, 4F, B, finish
–> both best selections give 8 Tx,
o start, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1F, 2F, 3F, 4F, finish
–> 8 Tx,
o start, S, B, finish
–> not classified (a sole beacon is not counted, a spectator control is like a beacon for the first loop),
o start, 1F, S, 3, B, finish
start, 1F, S, 3, B, finish
–> both best selections give 2 Tx.
Note on use of GPS devices:
Similarly to the recent years: dedicated wrist GPS and GPS trackers attached to an arm, including sensors, are allowed as long as they are used to generate a history track, including any other data, for later reviewing after finishing the race. Even though the units might be able to display a path, the runner is not permitted to make use of that function during the race. Both still cameras and video cameras are allowed as long as they comply with the aforementioned rule. In simple words, the device should not possess any mapping and/or communication feature.
Ban on most telecommunication equipment:
Please be reminded that most of the telecommunication equipment is forbidden in the competitions and start areas, including (but not limited to) mobil phones, wireless headphones, WiFi-enabled cameras, advanced smartwatches.
Note on thunderstorm:
In a case of a severe thunderstorm, the Chairman of the Jury may recall the competition (27.5 of the Rules)—in such case, it will be announced to competitors by switching off all the transmitters with an exception of the beacon and Tx No. 1 (MOE, not necessarily the one placed in terrain) which both remain operating continuously. The competitors shall set for the finish immediately.
Insurance and Medical Care:
First aid facility will be available at the finish areas for all competitions. No cost to the participant applies for on-site minor treatment; however, the cost for ambulance transportation, emergency department visits, and clinic visits will be the participant's responsibility. Thus, we recommend you to purchase an insurance covering such expenses.
Transportation to the venue:
Mariánské Lázně can be easily reached by car (highway D5 Praha–Plzeň–Rozvadov –> use exit 129; speedway R6 Karlovy Vary–Cheb), by train (railway track Praha–Plzeň–Mariánské Lázně–Cheb–Norimberk), by bus (route Praha–Plzeň–Mariánské Lázně–Cheb). Nearest international airports are in Karlovy Vary and Prague.
We are able to arrange transportation of participants from Karlovy Vary (KLV) or Prague (PRG) international airports upon request. Such request shall be send to organizers well in advance (together with entries), certainly not later than three weeks before the event. Price: PRG 15 EUR (one way), KLV 5 EUR (one way).
W19, M19, W21, M21, W35, M40, W50, M50, W60, M60, and M70.
Bands for classics and categories:
On the 1st classic the categories M19, M21, M40, W19 and W21 run on the 144 MHz band and categories M50, M60, M70, W35, W50, W60 run on the 3,5 MHz band.
The second classic is vice versa – categories M19, M21, M40, W19 and W21 run on 3,5 MHz band; M50, M60, M70, W35, W50, W60 run on 144 MHz band
For all participants (competitors, team officials, visitors) full names, passport or ID card number (for visa and accommodation/registration purposes).
For each competitor: category, date of birth, and SI card ID.
Registration form can be downloaded from the event website and shall be sent via email before August 9, 2015, if possible, certainly not later than by August 16, 2015. Late registration cannot be accepted unless approved by the organizer and the International Jury.
Note on the starting group:
In the registration form the team has the chance to indicate in which starting group should the specific competitor start. There are 3 starting groups – early, middle late. In the form you can mark this with numbers 1 (early), 2 (middle) and 3 (late). If not marked, the competitors will be put into the starting groups according to their order on the registration form. 
If you do not wish to specify the starting group for a competitor, but the competitor will take part in the competition, put X in the registration form in the proper cell. If there is no number nor an X it shall mean that the competitor is not taking part in that competition. 


Summary of “Team leaders meetings”:
Team leaders’ meetings are scheduled at 17.30 on the days prior to competitions. The meetings will take place at the event center in Hotel Krakonoš.
Summary of “Jury meetings”:
Jury will meet on the first day (Monday) in hotel Krakonoš and right after each competition in finish area, see schedule. Instructions for the following competition will be discussed at the meeting in the finish area of the at the time concluded competition.
Summary of “ARDF R1 working group meetings”:
ARDF WG meetings are planned on Tuesday and Friday afternoons, see schedule. They will take place at the event center in Hotel Krakonoš.
Note on transport service:
Buses will be provided for more comfortable transportation between hotels and the event centre / ceremony venue.
Buses for visitors:
The bus for visitors will be leaving at given time from the event centre and circulate around the other hotels in Mariánské Lázně. The schedule of the buses will be specified in Bulletin No. 4.
Embargoed area:
As of release of Bulletin No. 3, only those areas (marked in the map on the right and within the detailed description below) are embargoed with respect to the Championship.
European ARDF Championship for the Blind:
We deeply regret to announce that we will not organize the European Championship for the Blind. Unfortunately, just a negligible number of participants expressed their intention to take part in it.
Bulletin No. 4:
Next bulletin will be released upon beginning of the event, i.e., on August 17th 2015.
Czech ARDF Association
EC 2015 organizing committee
Zátopkova 100/2
P.O. Box 40
Prague 6 — Strahov
Czech Republic
phone: + 420 777 238 227


Official photos of the championship

[2016-09-01] Jan Černohorský finaly released all the pictures he has taken during the EC — check his (NEW) photogallery.
Feel free to use them for promotion!

Saturday map released

[2015-09-06] Competition map from the second classsic is ready for download. Many thanks for keeping it secret! Official Results including this map are also ready for download.

Regional TV reported on Championship

[2015-09-04] Regional station "TV Západ" reported on Championship (in Czech only) on Friday, Sep 4 (see time span of 8:55–11:25).

More typos corrected in Results

[2015-09-04] Few more typos were corrected in Official results. You might like to download updated version.

Official photos of the championship

[2015-09-01] Jan Černohorský have taken a plenty of photographs during the EC — check his photogallery.
Training available now, further will follow soon.
Feel free to use these pictures for ARDF promotion!

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